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Essilor Varilux® XR Series™


Varilux® XR series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens² powered by behavioral artificial intelligence.

The all-new Essilor Varilux XR series lenses are now available in my2020 Optometrists stores!

Powered by the latest advancements in behavioural artificial intelligence research, the Varilux XR progressive lens gives you instant sharp vision when moving, as well as seamless transitions from near to far.

Essilor continues to uphold its position at the forefront of the optical lens industry with their innovative philosophies in progressive lens design, focussing on producing the most adaptable lens for optimal comfort and enhanced visual clarity. The new Varilux XR lens incorporates updated technologies to further individualise the progressive optical lens to the wearer’s visual habits.

In today's digitally connected world, our eyes are working to process information like never before, moving over 100,000 times a day – continuously switching and checking while we’re on the go. The Varilux XR series is the progressive lens designed to respond to this evolution in our vision.

Using AI to Support Natural Eye Movement

A standard progressive lens only supports linear eye movement, which can make it hard for eyes to change focus rapidly. To address this issue, the Varilux XR lens uses their new artificial intelligence technology, referencing an extensive range of data points from spectacle wearers to predict visual behaviours. To build the lens, a digital avatar of you is created and analysed in a 3D simulated environment.

This process establishes your individual vision profile, which enables us to optimise the lens for your visual behaviour, not just your prescription.

Exclusive Essilor-Developed Technologies

Three exclusive Essilor technologies come together in this game-changing solution for presbyopia:

  • XR-motion™ optimises both lenses according to your prescription and your predicted visual behaviour, ensuring more fluid and sharp vision.

  • Nanoptix® smooths distortion at the periphery of the lens to minimise the unbalancing 'swim' sensation in dynamic situations, like walking up or down stairs.

  • Xtend® blends near and intermediate zones of the lens to provide clear vision at arm's length.

My2020 Essilor Experts

My2020 Optometrists is proud to be certified Essilor Experts in order to provide our customers with Essilor’s newest innovation in progressive lens technology. The premium Varilux XR series lenses is guaranteed to give you an exceptionally comfortable vision. Our Essilor Experts staff at My2020 will help you measure, fit, order and adjust your new Varilux XR glasses to your individually perfect vision. #my2020 #myvision #mychoice #essilorexperts #essilorlens

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