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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

At my2020 Optometrists, we make sure your eyewear experience is a breeze. Here are our promises to you:


🌟 Order Collection Policy 🌟 You've got 3 months from our pick-up notification date to grab your fantastic spectacles or sunnies , or they'll embark on a journey of their own as a waiver by default.

👓 Our 12-Month Manufacturing Warranty🛠️

From the date of purchase or collection notification date,

we offer 12-month warranty coverage against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, but only if it gets the nod from the manufacturer.

✅ What's Covered by our Frame Warranty?☔

  • Delamination and/or peeling of sun lens coating

  • Bubbles or imperfections in lens coating

  • Premature flaking or deterioration of frame coating

  • Soldering defects of temple hinges and/or barrels

❌ What's Not Covered by our Warranty?🚫

  • Normal wear and tear (scratches or pit marks)

  • Any damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock, improper use, or storage

  • Damage caused by chemicals

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modifications or repairs

*If the frame is discontinued and not repairable, full purchase credit may be exchanged for our new and selected frame excluding lenses. (Terms and Conditions Applied)


🔍 Lenses - The Lens-tastic Warranty 🤓

We've got your lenses covered too!

✅ What's Covered by the Lens Warranty ?🎁

  • Factory Defects

  • 1 Month non-adaptation warranty (only applies for prescription from our own optometrist's eye test)

  • 1 Month accommodation warranty for Progressive Lenses

  • 6 Month prescription warranty (Rx increase >0.50D) for Essilor Stellest and Hoya Miyosmart lenses

  • 12 Month scratch warranty for lenses with Premium Multi-Coating.

🔁If within 12 Month of purchase date, if your Lens might just take a vacation and it can be replaced free of charge if approved by the manufacturer

🕶️ Extended Warranty Bliss 🌈

Looking for even more peace of mind? We've got extended 24-month warranty options for select frame brands. Reach out to us, and our staff can let you know more details!

Remember, our commitment extends beyond just policies. Your comfort and vision are our top priorities. At the time of collecting your new eyewears, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Ensure your lenses are securely mounted in the frames.

  • Seek adjustments from your optician if needed.

  • Reach out to us if you encounter any difficulties with your eyewear.

Warm Regards,

my2020 Optometrists

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