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How to Choose Your Optical Frames?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

A wide range of optical frames on display.

Having trouble choosing the right frame?

It’s a very common problem, especially when you’re standing in front of our impressive range of options on display.

But more often than not, there are multiple frame designs that you can pull off!

Our frame stylists in store are trained to find the frame that best suits your look, no matter what you're in the hunt for. Whether it’s sunglasses or optical frames, it's all about celebrating your individuality and feeling comfortable in it is the most important thing!

Oh, and remember, we have different clothes for different occasions, so what's stopping you from having a few for your eyewear?

Our friendly staff will also help you make well-informed choices that consider the most important frame criteria:

  • Style - do you like the way the frame looks on your face?

  • Fit - does the frame size and shape fit your head?

  • Material - is the frame material suitable for your use case?

  • Price - is the price tag reflective of the quality and value of the frame?

Using these criteria to select optical frames can narrow down the available options and help you avoid ill-fitting frames or poor quality.

Does the Style suit you?

Half-rim frame. Source: Aarif Sheikh on Unsplash

Frame style is the most prominent point of consideration for most people as they try on frames. Depending on your face shape, certain frame designs or features may suit you better. For example, a square-shaped frame will complement a round face, but a round-shaped frame will make the face look rounder. Other than shape, different frame designs include full-rim, half-rim and rimless options.

The first step is to determine which shape your face most closely resembles.

Then, follow these general guidelines to see which frame shapes suit you:

  • Round faces: soft curves and even width/height. Choose frames with sharper edges and angles to add definition, e.g. square or rectangular frames.

  • Square faces: strong jawline with similar sized forehead width. Choose frames with round edges and curves to complement, e.g. cat-eye or oval frames.

  • Heart-shaped faces: broad forehead that tapers to narrower chin. Choose frames with that are bottom-heavy to balance out, e.g. aviators or cat-eye frames.

  • Oval faces: gentle curves and balanced features. Suits most frame shapes.

  • Diamond faces: wide cheekbones with narrower forehead and chin. Choose frames that are brow-heavy, e.g. cat-eye, oval frames.

  • Triangular faces: narrower forehead but wider jawline. Choose frames that are wider, e.g. cat-eye, rectangular frames.

(Adapted from ODMA 2024.)

Various face shapes. Source: ODMA eyetalk LOOKBOOK 2024

At the end of the day, whether you like the way a frame looks on your face is mostly subjective and you should choose according to your preferences. However, our friendly staff are always happy to offer some suggestions.

Does the frame Fit on you?

Each head has a different size and shape, so choosing the right frame that fits and sits comfortably is important. If the frame sits too tight against the temples, it can cause headaches and discomfort. Conversely, if the frame is too loose, it will keep sliding off the nose. Frames can also have different designs at the nose bridge, such as adjustable nose pads or wider bridge fittings. Our experienced optical dispensers are skilled at helping you make sure the frame you choose will be a comfortable fit for you.

Which Material suits your needs?

Acetate frames come in all sorts of colours and patterns. Source: Embrosa

Optical frames can be made of a variety of materials, each with their own benefits. Here are the most commonly found options:

  • Shell (cellulose acetate or propionate) - available in all sorts of bright, vibrant colours and patterns, these frames are a strong proponent of fashion and excitement.

  • Monel Metal - these frames are lightweight, durable and very adjustable, making them easier to be fitted to you for a perfect fit by our handy dispensers.

  • Titanium - an extremely high quality material, titanium makes the lightest metal frames with superior durability. It is suitable for children or for wearers who tend to handle their glasses roughly. Titanium is also hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant.

There are also other materials available, so be sure to consult our optical dispensers to discuss which material is most suited for your needs.

Is the Price reasonable?

The price of the frame should be justified by the quality and features of the product. Make sure to look for superior material, named brand confidence, leading fashion designs and thoughtful comfort features. It’s a good idea to ask our knowledgeable optical dispensers about the benefits you are paying for when choosing a good quality optical frame.

We're here to help!

While most wearers only focus on the style of the frame and how it looks on their face, it is important to also consider the fit, material and price of the frame.

The easiest way to ensure you’re choosing the best optical frame that ticks all these boxes is to talk to our professional optical dispensers at My2020 Optometrists.

Our stylist will make sure you walk out with different styles that not only showcases who you are but also allows you to see our beautiful world with clarity.

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